TLA 5201B Logic Analyzer  
 500 ps (2 GHz)/32 Mb deep memory timing
 125 ps-resolution MagniVu™ timing simultaneous
 Glitch and setup/hold violation triggering and display
 iView™ time-correlated digital-analog view
 34 channel configurations

TLA5000B 로직 아날라이저 시리즈

고속의 타이밍 해상도(500ps), Fast state Acquisition, 32b Memory depth, 정교한 트리거 제어를

통해 어떠한 사용자라도 실수에 의한 일그러짐 혹은 간헐적인 파형을 잡을 수 있도록 도와주며 싱글 버스 타이밍(single-bus timing) 과 State analysis를 통해 로직 아날라이저를 처음 사용하는 사용자들이라도 누구나쉽게 다룰 수 있도록 구성되었습니다. 친숙한 Windows XP 탑재를 기본으로 하는 OpenChoice™ Networking는 사용자의 편리성을 한층더 강조하였습니다.


<Features & Benefits>

- 500 ps (2 GHz)/32 Mb deep memory timing

- 125ps 분해능력을 이용한 ( MagniVu™ 기능) State/ Deep memory timing 상에서 간헐적이며,

   찾기 힘든 파형을 빠르고 정확하게 검출. ( 프로브 교환 불필요 )

- Glitch 와 트리거를 통한 Setup/Hold 위반을 통한 하드웨어 문제 검출

- iView™ 기능은 Timing 과 디지털-아날로그 View를 사용하여, 아날로그적인 결함이

  디지털 신호에  미치는 문제 해결.




- 디지털 하드웨어 디버그 및 검증

- 하드웨어 수행에 따른 동작 검증 및 모니터링

- 프로세서/ 버스(Signal) 디버그 및 검증


 <Characteristics Vertical System>  




Timing and State Analysis


Single-processor/Bus Analysis


Real-time Instruction

Trace Analysis


Protocol Analysis


Source Code Debug


Performance Analysis


Digital Signal Quality Analysis




<All Include:> Mini Keyboard (119-6906-00) / Optical Wheel Mouse ((119-6900-00)

                Front Panel Cover (200-4651-00) / Probe Retainer Bracket (407-4435-01)

                Accessory Pouch (016-1935-00) / Mouse Pad (016-1524-04)

                TLA5000B Series Product Software CD (063-3487-02)

                TLA5000B Series Operating System Restore CD (063-3672-00)

                TLA Documentation CD (063-3671-00)

                TLA5000B Quick Installation Reference (071-1302-00)

                TLA V4.3 User Manual (071-1236-00)

                TLA5000B Installation Manual (071-1301-00)

                Certificate of Traceable Calibration, Power Cord.

                Please specify power cord and language options when ordering.



<Recommended Accessories>

Logic Analyzer Cart - LACART, K4000.

TLA5000B Rackmount Kit - (016-1887-00).

TLA5000B Wheeled Transport Case - (016-1937-00).

TLA7QS - TLA Family training package. (TLA configuration required: 102 channels).

TLA7QS Technical Reference Support Kit - (020-2211-02).

TLA7QS Quickstart Training Manual - (070-9717-05).

TLA5000B Service Manual - (071-1305-00).

TLACAL1 - TLA520xB Performance Verification and Adjustment Fixture.


Instrument options

Opt. 1C - Add iView external oscilloscope cable kit (012-1614-01).

Opt. 1P - Add full complement of P6418 17-Channel general-purpose probes

(each includes two 8-Channel leadsets, 1-Channel leadset, 20 SMT KlipChip™ grabber tips).

Opt. 2P - Add full complement of P6434 34-Channel high-density Mictor probes.

Opt. 3P - Add full complement of P6417 17-Channel general-purpose probes that allow you

to separate the 8-Channel podlet groups into channels

(each includes two 8-Channel leadsets,   1-Channel leadset, 20 SMT KlipChip™ grabber tips).

Opt. 4P - Add full complement of P6419 17-Channel high-density compression probes.




1P Add P6418 Probes


2P Add P6434 Probes


3P Add P6417 Probes


4P Add P6419 Probes







Opt. 9S - Increase to 32 Mb base memory depth per channel.

Opt. 8S - Increase to 8 Mb base memory depth per channel.


<Service Options>

Opt. R3 - Repair Service 3 Years.

Opt. R5 - Repair Service 5 Years.






<Tektronix P6417, P6418, P6419, P6434 Logic Analyzer Probes.>


P6417 - General-purpose Probe and Accessories

The P6417 is a 17 channel general-purpose probe that is similar to the P6418 with the additional capability that it allows you to separate the 8 channel podlet groups into individual channels for both maximum electrical performance and maximum distance between adjacent channels. This probe is recommended for those general-purpose applications that require maximum flexibility. Probe Cable Length - 1.8 m (6 ft.).

P6418 - General-Purpose Probe and Accessories


The P6418 is a 17 channel general-purpose probe with leadsets and grabber tips for use with: probing individual test points within your target system, either directly or with a test clip, or direct connection to legacy TLA family processor/bus support probe adapters with 8 channel probe connectors.

The P6418 works with a wide-range of industry-standard probing accessories for flexible attachment to your target system. This probe is recommended for most general-purpose applications. Probe Cable Length - 1.9 m (6.25 ft.).

P6419 - 17 Channel High-Density Compression Probe


The P6419 is a 1-channel high-density compression probe, with single-ended clock and data. This probe utilizes a compression probe attach mechanism for quick and reliable connections to your system under test. This probe is recommended for those applications that require higher signal density or a compression probe attachment.


P6434 - High Density Mictor Probe


The P6434 is a 34 channel probe with quick connect/disconnect and a positive latching mechanism to ensure a secure, reliable connection.

An optional low-profile adapter for low-clearance applications is also available. This probe is recommended for all high-density applications. The compression to P6434 adapter allows P6434 Mictor Probes to connect to the compression footprint. Probe Cable Length - 1.5 m (5ft.).


NOTE: P6434, P6417 and P6418 probes have the same electrical length.












34 Ch

Maximum State clock Rate

235 MHz

Maximum State Data Rate

470 Mb/s

MagniVu Timing

125 ps (8 GHz)

Deep Memory Timing Resolution

(quarter/half/full channels with

timestamps and with or

without transitional storage)

2 Mb/ 1 Mb/ 512 Kb , 32/16/8 Mb per channel