TLA 5204B Logic Analyzer  
 500 ps (2 GHz)/32 Mb deep memory
 125 ps-resolution MagniVu™ timing simultaneous
 Glitch and setup/hold violation triggering and display
 iView™ time-correlated digital-analog view
 136 channel configurations

TLA5000B 로직 아날라이저 시리즈

 <Characteristics Vertical System>  




Timing and State Analysis


Single-processor/Bus Analysis


Real-time Instruction

Trace Analysis


Protocol Analysis


Source Code Debug


Performance Analysis


Digital Signal Quality Analysis




<All Include:> Mini Keyboard (119-6906-00) / Optical Wheel Mouse ((119-6900-00)

                Front Panel Cover (200-4651-00) / Probe Retainer Bracket (407-4435-01)

                Accessory Pouch (016-1935-00) / Mouse Pad (016-1524-04)

                TLA5000B Series Product Software CD (063-3487-02)

                TLA5000B Series Operating System Restore CD (063-3672-00)

                TLA Documentation CD (063-3671-00)

                TLA5000B Quick Installation Reference (071-1302-00)

                TLA V4.3 User Manual (071-1236-00)

                TLA5000B Installation Manual (071-1301-00)

                Certificate of Traceable Calibration, Power Cord.

                Please specify power cord and language options when ordering.



<Recommended Accessories>

Logic Analyzer Cart - LACART, K4000.

TLA5000B Rackmount Kit - (016-1887-00).

TLA5000B Wheeled Transport Case - (016-1937-00).

TLA7QS - TLA Family training package. (TLA configuration required: 102 channels).

TLA7QS Technical Reference Support Kit - (020-2211-02).

TLA7QS Quickstart Training Manual - (070-9717-05).

TLA5000B Service Manual - (071-1305-00).

TLACAL1 - TLA520xB Performance Verification and Adjustment Fixture.


Instrument options

Opt. 1C - Add iView external oscilloscope cable kit (012-1614-01).

Opt. 1P - Add full complement of P6418 17-Channel general-purpose probes

(each includes two 8-Channel leadsets, 1-Channel leadset, 20 SMT KlipChip™ grabber tips).

Opt. 2P - Add full complement of P6434 34-Channel high-density Mictor probes.

Opt. 3P - Add full complement of P6417 17-Channel general-purpose probes that allow you

to separate the 8-Channel podlet groups into channels

(each includes two 8-Channel leadsets,   1-Channel leadset, 20 SMT KlipChip™ grabber tips).

Opt. 4P - Add full complement of P6419 17-Channel high-density compression probes.




1P Add P6418 Probes


2P Add P6434 Probes


3P Add P6417 Probes


4P Add P6419 Probes







Opt. 9S - Increase to 32 Mb base memory depth per channel.

Opt. 8S - Increase to 8 Mb base memory depth per channel.


<Service Options>

Opt. R3 - Repair Service 3 Years.

Opt. R5 - Repair Service 5 Years.


<Tektronix P6417, P6418, P6419, P6434 Logic Analyzer Probes.>







P6417 - General-purpose Probe and Accessories

The P6417 is a 17 channel general-purpose probe that is similar to the P6418 with the additional capability that it allows you to separate the 8 channel podlet groups into individual channels for both maximum electrical performance and maximum distance between adjacent channels. This probe is recommended for those general-purpose applications that require maximum flexibility. Probe Cable Length - 1.8 m (6 ft.).

P6418 - General-Purpose Probe and Accessories


The P6418 is a 17 channel general-purpose probe with leadsets and grabber tips for use with: probing individual test points within your target system, either directly or with a test clip, or direct connection to legacy TLA family processor/bus support probe adapters with 8 channel probe connectors.

The P6418 works with a wide-range of industry-standard probing accessories for flexible attachment to your target system. This probe is recommended for most general-purpose applications. Probe Cable Length - 1.9 m (6.25 ft.).

P6419 - 17 Channel High-Density Compression Probe


The P6419 is a 1-channel high-density compression probe, with single-ended clock and data. This probe utilizes a compression probe attach mechanism for quick and reliable connections to your system under test. This probe is recommended for those applications that require higher signal density or a compression probe attachment.


P6434 - High Density Mictor Probe


The P6434 is a 34 channel probe with quick connect/disconnect and a positive latching mechanism to ensure a secure, reliable connection.

An optional low-profile adapter for low-clearance applications is also available. This probe is recommended for all high-density applications. The compression to P6434 adapter allows P6434 Mictor Probes to connect to the compression footprint. Probe Cable Length - 1.5 m (5ft.).


NOTE: P6434, P6417 and P6418 probes have the same electrical length.






136 Ch

Maximum State clock Rate

235 MHz

Maximum State Data Rate

470 Mb/s

MagniVu Timing

125 ps (8 GHz)

Deep Memory Timing Resolution

(quarter/half/full channels with

timestamps and with or

without transitional storage)

2 Mb/ 1 Mb/ 512 Kb , 32/16/8 Mb per channel







고속의 타이밍 해상도(500ps), Fast state Acquisition, 32b Memory depth, 정교한 트리거 제어를

통해 어떠한 사용자라도 실수에 의한 일그러짐 혹은 간헐적인 파형을 잡을 수 있도록 도와주며 싱글 버스 타이밍(single-bus timing) 과 State analysis를 통해 로직 아날라이저를 처음 사용하는 사용자들이라도 누구나쉽게 다룰 수 있도록 구성되었습니다. 친숙한 Windows XP 탑재를 기본으로 하는 OpenChoice™ Networking는 사용자의 편리성을 한층더 강조하였습니다.


<Features & Benefits>

- 500 ps (2 GHz)/32 Mb deep memory timing

- 125ps 분해능력을 이용한 ( MagniVu™ 기능) State/ Deep memory timing 상에서 간헐적이며,

   찾기 힘든 파형을 빠르고 정확하게 검출. ( 프로브 교환 불필요 )

- Glitch 와 트리거를 통한 Setup/Hold 위반을 통한 하드웨어 문제 검출

- iView™ 기능은 Timing 과 디지털-아날로그 View를 사용하여, 아날로그적인 결함이

  디지털 신호에  미치는 문제 해결.




- 디지털 하드웨어 디버그 및 검증

- 하드웨어 수행에 따른 동작 검증 및 모니터링

- 프로세서/ 버스(Signal) 디버그 및 검증