GL900 Midi Logger Dual  
 8채널 절연 입력 가능
 Battery Operating
 USB/LAN Easy PC Connectivity
 High Speed Access 256MB Memory Card

 - Data can be captured to PC-friendly USB memory sticks
 - Example of 8-channel analog measurement
 - Can be used as an X-Y recorder
 - High-precision temperature measurement even during
    high-speed sampling
 - Comprehensive built-in trigger and timer functions
 - High-voltage measurement capability
    (The wide 500 V range enables 100 to 240 VAC power supply voltage 
      waveform measurements)
 Built-in, large-format 5.7-inch color LCD for easy-to-read waveforms
 -  Free Running display for waveform-checking without the need for
     data capture
 - Easy PC measurement via USB; remote monitoring via Ethernet web server 
    and FTP functions
 - Web server/FTP server functions
 - USB drive mode
 - NTP client function
 - Dedicated software for real-time data capture
 - Simple operations for anyone