P1PA/P1DD - Portable One Audio Analyzer  
 2채널 입출력 오디오 분석기, 휴대가 용이
 자체 LCD 창, 성능대비 저렴한 가격
 최대 30개 데이터 저장
 자체 스피커(측정 음 확인)
 측정 결과 출력(그래프, 데이터), GPIB 통신
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▶ 특  징 

1. 2채널 입출력 오디오 분석기로서 휴대하기 용이

2. LCD 창이 내장되어 있어 간단하게 측정값을 확인 가능

3. 내장된 메모리 기능으로 최대 30개의 자주 쓰는 데이터를 저장

4. 자체 스피커를 통해 측정음 청취가능

5. 측정후 결과는 그래프와 데이터로 프린터 가능, GPIB(IEEE-488)컨트롤 


▶ 종  류


1. P1PA (Portable one Plus Access)

2채널 아날로그 오디오 분석기로서 12가지 다른 측정 기능 버튼들로 구성되어 있어 사용하기 쉽고 간단한 sweep 셋업 기능으로 주파수 응답, 왜율 대 주파수, amplitude sweep 등의 그래프를 그릴 수 있습니다.


2. P1DD (Portable One Dual Domain)

P1PA 기능에 96KHz 샘플링의 디지털 입출력 기능이 추가된 모델입니다.

이 장비로 디지털 통신 측정, Jitter 신호 분석, Delay, data integrity, status bits 등을 체크 할수도 있습니다.


▶ 주요기능


1. Measurements

  • 아나로그 + 디지털 영역 측정항목
    • Level (two channels simultaneously)
    • Noise or signal-to-noise ratio (wideband, weighted, or selective)
    • THD+N (total harmonic distortion plus noise)
    • Interchannel phase
    • Real-time two-channel amplitude ratio (interchannel balance or  device gain/loss)
    • Real-time frequency-selective crosstalk
  • 아나로그 영역 측정항목
    • Wow and Flutter
    • SINAD (ratio of {signal + noise + distortion} to {noise + distortion})
    • Input-to-output phase shift
    • Loading (AC resistance of the input of a device connected to the generator output)
    • AC mains check (voltage, frequency, and distortion of the AC power line)
  • 디지털 영역 측정항목
    • Jitter
    • Digital data integrity
    • Sample rate, amplitude, and delay of digital carrier signal
    • Status Bits

2. Generated Waveforms

  • Sine
  • Square
  • Optional two-tone IMD (intermodulation distortion

3. Reporting

  • On-screen results and graphing
  • Print graphs, panel setups and measurement data

4. Automation

  • Save up to 30 instrument setups, including sweep results data.
  • Can be control by GPIB (IEEE 488 General Purpose Interface Bus).

5. Connectivity

  • Balanced and unbalanced analog inputs and outputs
  • AES3, S/PDIF and Toslink digital inputs and outputs
  • Auxiliary inputs and outputs, including monitors, triggers, synchronization.

6. Dual Domain

Like our 2700 series, the Portable One audio analyzer is available as a dual domain instrument. A dual domain audio analyzer provides full generation and analysis capabilities in both the analog domain and the digital domain, simultaneously. Why is this important?

  • Analog domain
    Because high-precision analog audio design offers markedly superior performance to even the best digital implementations in several key areas, especially residual noise and distortion, and high-frequency response.
    Most modern competitive audio analyzers are converter-based, without true analog domain generation and analysis. A converter-based analyzer uses ADCs to convert analog input signals for digital analysis and DACs to convert digitally-generated signals for analog output. This technique is easier and less expensive, but at a cost in performance.
    Standard band-limiting filters are built in to the analog analyzer in the Portable One.  Included are a high pass at 400 Hz, selectable low pass filters at 22 kHz, 30 kHz and 80 kHz, and selectable weighting filters: ANSI-IEC "A"; CCIR 468-4; CCIR ARM; CCIR RMS.
  • Digital domain
    Digital signal generation and analysis are essential in modern audio, and our Portable One Dual Domain provides a complete solution for testing digital audio as well, at sample rates up to 96 kHz.
  • Cross domain
    Engineers designing digital converters often require cross-domain measurements, where a signal must be generated in the digital domain while the converter's output is measured in the analog domain (or vice versa). Only a dual-domain audio analyzer
    accomplish this with meaningful results.

▶ 옵  션


1. 내부 설치 옵션

   - P1-IMD: SMPTE/DIN IMD(Intermodulation distortion)출력과 측정 가능.  

   - 필터: 최대 2개의 lowpass, bandpass등을 장착 가능.

     (A-weighting, CCIR  필터 기본 내장)

2. 외부 보조 옵션

   - AUX-0025 Switching Amplifier Measurement Filter로서 Class D나 

     디지털 앰프 같은 스위치 모드의 파워앰프 디자인시

     High level out of band 노이즈를 제거해 주는 필터.

3. 액서사리

     - RAK-P1: 랙 마운트 키트

     - P1-CAS: 소프트한 이동용 가방