1/3 Octave Band Analyzer NA-27  
 ΰ (ä, ä) پȭ
 1/1 Ÿ, 1/3 Ÿ ǽð м
 뵵 Ʈ
 82 dB Linearity Range
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1/2-inch Prepolarized Condenser Microphone UC-53A

and preamplifier NH-19

Dual measurement

Individual frequency weighting and

time weighting settings are possible for main and sub channels

Measurement Functions

Lp, Leq, Le, Lmax, Lmin, Lx, Ltm3, Ltm5, Lpeak

  * Taktmaximalpegel Mittelwert : DIN

Power averaged maximum sound pressure level

in a measuring period

Measurement time  processing functions

(Leq,Le,Lx, etc)

1s,3s,5s,10s, 1min,5min,10min,15min, 1h,8h,24h

manual time setting(max, 99h 59min 59s)

Sampling interval 10ms

(Leq, Le, Lmax,Lmin,Ltm3,Ltm5), 100ms(Lx)

Time keeping function,

pause with 3 or 5 seconds data erase function

Max. measurement level

140dB rms, 133 dB at c.f.3, 143 dB peak for peak hold

Noise floor

Typical 17dB(A)rms, max.20 dB(A) rms

Frequency Range

20~12500Hz (including microphone),

10~20000Hz (electrical characteristics)

Frequency Weighting

A, C Flat (main and sub channels)

Time Weightings

Main channel : Fast, Slow, 10ms  

Sub channel : Fast, Slow, Impulse, Peak (Peak hold)


Backlit LCD


4digits, update cycle 1 s, resolution 0.1dB

Bar graph

Scale range 60dB in 2-dB steps, update cycle 0.1s

Level-time screen

Time range 10 s in 0.1-s steps or 100 s in 1-s steps

Warming indicators

Overload & under range

Real time clock

Year Month/Date Hour : Minute : Second

Bar graph and level-time screen are available in main channel only

Level range

8 ranges in 10-70, 20-80, 30-90, 40-100,

50-110, 60-120, 70-130, 80-140dB

10-70 dB setting available with filter unit activated


Manual Mode

Up to 100data (instantaneous values and processing results)

Auto 1

Up to 100000 instantaneous values

Auto 2

Up to 7200 sets of processing results

Auto 3

Up to 100 groups of processing results

(Leq, LE, and Lmax values for all 1/1 or 1/3 oct bands)

Signal Output

AC Output

Output voltage

1Vrms (at full-scale)

DC Output

Output voltage

3.5V (at full-scale), 0.5V/10dB

I/O (RS-232C interface)

Data transfer to computer and control signal input from computer

Data output to printer CP-11

Measurement parameter output to level recorder LR-06

Power requirements

Battery Four IEC R6 (size "AA") Batteries

AC adapter AC adapter NC-34 series (option)

Dimensions, Weight

Approx. 32(H)9(W)5(D)cm, approx. 500g


Windscreen WS-021, Soft case1, Miniature Screwdriver D-621,

IEC R6 batteries4, Lithium battery CR-1/3N1,Instruction manual